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Amber's Loom


* Cute 2D Art Animals
* Amazing Puns
* Deerik
* The grave of a Brazilian

Amber's Loom was a project done within class.
It is a 2D platform game which introduces the player to villagers in need of aid.
As the player, you are to help the villagers with some errands as they are unable to travel far from their homes. At night shadows spawn, leaving it up to the player to clear the area so that it can be safe again!

Release: 18/11/2015
Platform: PC

Developer: Lululin
Availability: (http://amber-loom.tumblr.com/)
File Size: 15.9 MB
Contact: lululinworks@gmail.com
Instructions: Included in DL

Published Nov 18, 2015
Tags2D, chibi

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